Major Murder_Dec. 29, 1889 - Detroit FP pg. 7

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Major Murder_Dec. 29, 1889 - Detroit FP pg. 7 - the grippe gels an overdose of was rescued by...
the grippe gels an overdose of was rescued by experience with the wire, but it was iu a show window. fire alarm box for Kussc!) knocked is sometimes a claims that as It has three ministers mid minister and another is at Lansing, morning burned property, upon Frank 11. notions; Klehard boots aud shoes, women sawed care of a span pigs, besides doing four. It is said who doesn't there were sowers, at a cost of of struc.'s were oue and one-half one-half one-half cost of Sl-1,000. Sl-1,000. Sl-1,000. and laid at a cost of been erected, youth up In Saginaw was to be married, go to Saginaw on best hotel; that hotels In securing ihem charged a occupying a bridal benedict was coa-ironted coa-ironted his hair stand up. at last accounts. jail for beating All This? bo remembered, of miles long like a line of chimney. by the wind. wind direction effect on its miles from is almost greater or tho prevailing Atlantic, which .and those dopurture from the pressure. neRr the Bermudas I made an extended trip this summer along tho Pacific Coast and in Old Mexico, visiting ail points of interest in California, Oregon, Washington Territory, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Colorado, and I found no place so small or remoto but The Free Pjiess was sold, as the news agents would tell mo they had to keep it; the tourists would hav-o hav-o hav-o it and vowed no other paper could take its place. And though the papers were often two weeks old, the places were so distant from Detroit tho homo of The Free Press they were just as enjoyable, for the bright, newsy Free Press, like old wine, improves with age. Am so delighted that Margaret Eytingo is conducting the children's department, for 1 have long known her as a charming writer for children as well as for grown folks and that tho simplest article she may write for tho little ones has a germ of knowledge which they nro not slow to discover, Sho tells nor pretty stories, leading them on to developing their minds and fingers in a neat kindergarten kindergarten way. Few writers know how to get their words down to the understanding oftho wee little ones, but Margaret Eytingo has that raro faculty. And to think that "The Householders" are going to have the little paper all for their very own again, how they they will rejoice and, I am sure, will awaken to new interest, Zealand enthusiasm; the old members will all come trooping back and what a glorious reunion they will have. Ail will admit that heretofore The Free Press was the best weekly in tho United States yes, or in Europe but with all the new features that it is to have for the Christmas Christmas number and the ones of ISH0 it will be a weekly, magazine not surpassed by any and containing' agreeable features for both sexes. MATIE GOFF EltDELMEVEH, Dallas, Tex. Fat Men Are Gullible. "Fat men," said a well-known well-known well-known physician yesterday, "are the most gullible creatures of earth. No end of patent medicine sharps have made big fortunes purely by the manner in which they have preyed upon the prejudices of men who convey superfluous flesh around with them, and there would seem to be absolutely absolutely no nostrum too nonsensical or absurd for a fat man to reject. Tho merest tyro in matters relating to hygiene knows perfectly well that the only reasonable way for a man of abundant flesh to reduce himself is by exercise. Then, as be grows thinner, his muscles harden and he increases in strength, but inordinate fat predisposes a man to inertia inertia and languor, and so fiit men try to reduce themselves by medicines and medical remedies remedies of various succeed in wrecking There must be a which moves around this point I would tho earth and erect needle about a mile holo in tho middle would extend up through the needle to cog wheel. Electric needle would be geared tho ucudlo would ma-cliinr.nj would lie earth. Tho electricity through great wire degree of longitude in overheod wires.) Tho unlimited power. This subject ought the whereabouts of Killeeu, Tex. A Novel Not long ago an about to be married mv Heaven bless business tact with following story has comparing notes from t,rt woot-a woot-a woot-a hofnrfl thp to take place the various stores in the city. jowel-ry stores she called told him of her then said: "Sow, UI.. lk-1 lk-1 lk-1 uoie mu ouiuv may come in here It's noma to get 1 want you to look satisfy yourself thut purchased for me, iuduco something I will now could see nothing request and tho young of pieces of jewelrv They were marked This was repeated at book stores. From scheme worked well, night the bnppy with which she was Telegraph. Cleveland and One of the incidents Cleveland's visit to Boston a modern farce to bo unrecorded. When the Vendome attiring Leopold Morse dropped tender him the freedom ex-President was

Clipped from
  1. Detroit Free Press,
  2. 29 Dec 1889, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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  • Major Murder_Dec. 29, 1889 - Detroit FP pg. 7

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