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ERIE'S LIFE TOLL NOW 52; CAR PERRY LOST IN GALE U. S. PHONE STOCK SOLD TO BELL CO. President Goff.of Cleveland Trust Co., Testifies He Handled 19,000 Shares. TOLD BY.BRAILEY THAT CONTROL HAD PASSED not can can. R. the the me," f are and best are and on of Is not Rev. is Into hour letter R. or over fair and or that his fall. just fair sell as juai I own do the announcement be the fair to the m.o of felt ....-hers a. who "-.-5 "-.-5 "-.-5 "-.-5 "-.-5 and Shares Taken to New York and Disposed of to W. H. Bemick, of R. 1. Day & Co. Cleveland, December 10. The name of President T. M. Vail, of the American Telephone & Telegraph company, and other officers of the Bell telephone organization were linked with the recent sales of independent telephone stocks when President F. H. Goff, of the Cleveland Cleveland Trust company, testified in a local hearing today. President Goff said that he visi ited the New York offices of the Bell company, bearing with him options options on 111,000 shares of United States Telephone stock, given him, he said, by the voting trustees to be disposed of. According to Goff's testimony, n..l.lAnl Vail nf tha Amol' lean Telephone & Telegraph com- com- -. -. j i.' 1 Un-..1I Un-..1I Un-..1I nt' l, UaW pHIiy, UIIU xx. J. nun.", "i. ..." York Telephone company, declined t V. lr,lrr,liw,al In the Bell offices to W. H. Remick, of the nrm ot it. iv. way ac iu., auu ainsi a conference with Remick and Attorney Attorney Leverett, a director in the Bell company. Remick agreed to take the 19,000 shares. President woit exriiouea tne contract contract of sale then entered into, in which the :prlce of the common stock was fixed at 40, and the preferred preferred stock at 80. It was stipulated stipulated in tho contract that Got! should obtain the resignations of the seven voting trustees upon demand, demand, this demand to be made upon upon notice from R. L. Day & Com- Com- PaGoff was to take In the stock, the Day company to furnish the money: . While at the offices of R. U Day & Company, he sal. he met James S Brailey, -Jr., -Jr., whose,, name has swek to atsure conTrol of tUe United States concern. KNOXDNJOST.IS ZELAYA'S PLAINT Nicaraguan President Says United States is Hostile to Him and Sought Pretext to Act. Managua, NicaraguaDecember 10. "The United States unjustly condemns condemns my administration," said President Zelaya In an interview today. today. "I proposed to secretary or 3iaie JtVIlOA mm case to the investigation ot a com mittee ot nis own cuousmhb, --Ing --Ing --Ing to surrender my righis to the .,.iu.nv if iho charges in his letter to Isidoro Hezera, tormer .Nicaraguan minister to -the -the united States, were sustained. Seereiaiy Knox has not replied. "Defenseless iiKauist tins of a -powerful -powerful nation, 1 must suD-n suD-n suD-n oiiKA.tirh I have been con demned unheard. ,ttton "The coercion ot the United States will not redound lo the credit of that nation, whose motives are questioned in an ""V"' The shooting of Groce and cannon was a pretext. Both were amenable yn . . TVk i r.9 Ml.rn7i9. Which distinctly authorizes the shooting of individuals commanding rebels. It is different If a person Is cap tured during mo ",. ternationai war. -"'r; -"'r; in Secretary Knox to establish tno in violability or me peioono y- y- leans participating in foreign revo-ir revo-ir revo-ir -. -. ,.,ii, in constant revo lutions led by immune Americans. "The initiative In- In- the shooting of Groce and Cannon was not mine. y t.,cnn! clem ency to them after a properly con stituted military u''' passed upon the case. resioeiii jiia .'v5" .mi., eral Instances of alleged hostility against him in the United States . viP nowQnanprs. - In- In- one or these instances, he declares, he was endeavoring iu uiac France when his enemies persuaded objection through the French ambassador ambassador at Washington on the pre- pre- text tnat tne munc.. aw&" ... tended for the purchase of war ma-te?ials. ma-te?ials. ma-te?ials. when in reality It was to have been used In the construction of a railway. MARQUETTE-BESSEMER MARQUETTE-BESSEMER MARQUETTE-BESSEMER NO. 2, LATEST VICTIM Green Yawlboat Seen Is Probably From Missing Ferry, Which Left Conneaut Last Tuesday With Thirty Cars; Sister Boat Weathered the Storm. SEARCH OF LAKE UNAVAILING; SHIP'S OWNERS IN DARKNESS All Hope Given Up For 13 Missing From Clarion; Woman Lost Her Life on the Richardson; Damage Reaches a Million Dollars. 1909 COST 121 LIVES. The death roll of the Brent lakes for the emon of 1800 now contains 121 names, l.nke Erie lends all tbe other lake com- com- . blued, with 75 lives as toll. The list ot fatalities for tbe year follows! Lake Erie: Vessel Date. Lives Lost. Cause. Car ferry Marquette A Bessemer Xu. 2 Dee. 7 3-2 3-2 3-2 Storm Steamer clarion Dec. 8 JB Kire-ntorm Kire-ntorm Kire-ntorm Stemncr Itlclinrdson Dee. 8 S Storm Stentner Oeorgu Stone Oct. 13 Storm Schooner Vunstraubcnzle Sep. 27 3 Collision Tug Princeton May 24 !t Collision Stemnor James Hoyt May lit 3 Explosion Tug Floss April S S Storm Total 75 Lake Superior: Dredge Bee. I) O Sprung aleak Steamer John B. Cowie July 12 14 Collision Steamer Adella Shores .'April 3(1 13 Storm Barge Xester ....April 30 7 Storm Total 40 Lake Michigan: Steamer I.onlH Pahlorr Xov. in 1 Storm Steamer Eber Ward- Ward- ... ..i. April 20 S. Ice Total The curious feature is that while Lake Superior has 40 fatalities, fatalities, nml l.nke 7'licblgnn 0, l,!tkc Huron does not figure in the mortuary lints. I'Kunlly tills lake bears her full share of such an uaweleomc burden. WAY CRAFT WAS LOADED CAUSE OF WRECK? Conneaut, O., December 10. The wives and children of the officers and men of the missing car ferry Marquette & Bessemer No. 2 are grouped tonight at the wharf, awaiting the return of a tug, which left Port Dover this afternoon for Long point. The cause of the disaster will be ascribed here in part to the manner in which she was loaded. A heavy weight of bridge iron, piled on top of the cars, may have shifted In the heavy seas, placing the craft out of control. CREW OF LOST CAR FERRY. Master, Robert R. McLeod; first mate, John McLeod; second mate, F. Stone; purser, R. C. Smith; chief engineer, E. Wood; aasistant engineers, E. Buchler and T. Kennedy; wheelsmen, J. Clancy and W. Wilson; watchmen, F. Annis, F. Walker; steward, G. R. Smith; seamen, F. Barrett, S. Harvey, P. Hughes, M. Sharp and D. Ball; firemen, J. Olson, W. Wiggleworth, J. Cook and T. Steele; oilers, J. Wirtz, J. Hart, A. Snyder and Chas. Allen; coal passers, R. Hine, J. Hing and C. Couptf ; second cook, H. Thomas; waiter, J. Swartz; porter, G. Laurence, and one other whose name Is unknown. Capt. McLeod and his brother, the first mate, and practically all the crew came from Conneaut. GREATEST LAKF DISASTER 07 A QUARTER CENTURY Lake Erie's death roll inscribed by the protracted storm of. this week has been placed at the appalling total ot 52 by the loss of the large steel car ferry, Marquette & Bessemer No. 2, with her crew ot 32 men. The blotting out of the Bessemer No. 2 is the greatest marine disaster of a quarter of a century or more. Hope ot finding the ferry and crew has practically been abandoned by the officers of the Marquette & Bessemer Dock & Navigation company, company, after a thorough search of Lake Erie by tugs and the steamer Marquette & Bessemer No. 1. EARLIER VICTIMS SURELY GONE. heard from tho steel lifeboat of the Clarion, the small boat that left the steamer W. C. ith five men in it. The death list from the 01..1 nnH tho cintiner of the Richardson V;I(U1ULI c " " !0 persons, including a woman, washed from Oliver and Capt. Thomas Wilson are safe. Detroit river at noon yesterday, and the Nothing more has been nntoinins' is men. or from Richardson, near Buffalo, w hnrnine- hnrnine- and sinking ot tue seems likely to remain at 2 the Richardson. The steamers Henry AV The Oliver passed up the BIG STEEL CAR FERRY AND HER CREW OF THIRTY-I THIRTY-I THIRTY-I WU ARE- ARE- 1V1WJ1" in MARQUETTE & BESSEMER NO. 2, I

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  2. 11 Dec 1909, Sat,
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