OLSEN KNIFE - LEE Olsen Creating Knife/Fork for handicapped.

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OLSEN KNIFE - LEE Olsen Creating Knife/Fork for handicapped. - WARMER Increasing Cloudiness Highs 48-52 48-52...
WARMER Increasing Cloudiness Highs 48-52 48-52 48-52 Lows 33-37 33-37 33-37 Petalls and Map an Pni D HOURLY TEMPERATURES J D.m. 47 7 p.m. 37 11 o.m. 31 4 o.m. 45 $ p.m. 31 12 mid. 31 i P.m. 45 p.m. 30 1 a.m. 30 i P.m. 3 10 p.m. 31 2 a.m. MfclKO Profit Taking Erases Hefty Stock Gains See Page 6, Section B 15c 6-Day 6-Day 6-Day Home Delivery 75c ON GUARD FOR 140 YEARS Vol. 141 No. 184 Friday, November 5, 1971 SCHOOL SEGREGATION GROWS rrr 1 I s uu Action Line solves problems, gets answers, cuts red tape, standi up for your rights. Write Action Line, Box 881, Detroit, Mich. 48231. Or dial 222-6464 222-6464 222-6464 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. A company near my home hired an exterminator to kill the pigeons. They're using some kind of poison that doesn't kill them. It stuns them so they can't fly. The poor things flop around in the street until a car hits them or a cat attacks. It's just terrible. Can you make them stop? F. K., Detroit. Company called off its exterminators after a little unfriendly persuasion from the Anti-Cruelty Anti-Cruelty Anti-Cruelty Society. Pigeons' corn was coated with chemical called avatrol that makes birds' nervous systems go haywire. State Department of Natural Resources licenses exterminators to work havoc on birds. Federal wildlife supervisor doesn't mind either. His theory is that when flock sees a few sick birds, they'll get the message and leave the neighborhood. Feds are testing avatrol now, may rule out its use. People who'd like to see it outlawed can write Pesticide Control Office, Environmental Protection Agency, 1750 K. St. S.W., Washington D.C. 20460. that bushy tails cover their noses. My neighbor heated her house last winter with her electric cooking stove because her gas furnace is broken down. She hasn't had lights since spring because ADC refuses to pay her electric bill. Her caseworker says ADC won't pay for an all electric home, and she can have her electricity again only if she fixes the furnace and converts her water heater to gas. Just how is she supposed to pay for that? S. C, Detroit. She and her kids have heat and lights. Good guys from Precision Precision Construction Company inspected her house, found rusty gas furnace ready for the dump. They figured out replacement cost estimate that Wayne County Social Services apprqved. Department Department will pay for new wall furnace and gas water heater. When Precision workers were at her home, they noticed her porch rails and eaves troughs were shot too, offered to donate the necessary repairs. I bought a washer from Sherman Furniture Inc. in Highland Park. When it came, I found the fixtures wouldn't fit my faucets, faucets, so I asked the store to exchange it for another brand. Two weeks later the store delivered a washer I didn't order with a defective pump. They won't pick it up or refund the $100 I've paid. Can you get my money back? B. K., Highland Park Store delivery man arrived yesterday to hand you one hundred bucks and haul defective washer away. Store owner Morrie Sherman claims you scratched it up, but admitted you weren't the one who wanted it in your house, said he'd decided not to "press the issue." I'm a retired teacher trying to help two former students who have each lost an arm. My nephew had the same handicap, and I got him a gadget that was a combined knife and fork that made eating easier. I'd like to get more of them, but the company's company's not making them any more. Can you find a couple of them for me? F.B., Ypsilanti. Lee E. Olsen Knife Co. in Howard City is making two of the Special utensils just for you. Since you're doing a favor for your old students, owner Lee Olsen will pick up the tab. Five inch utensil has a knife edge on one side, fork at the end to make one-handed one-handed one-handed eating easier. Others can special order the knife-fork knife-fork knife-fork for $5.95 from Lee E. Olsen Knife Co., Howard City 49329. In February I was a defense witness in a District Court case. I lost two days of work and drove 50 miles to appear. I was supposed to be paid for my trouble, but when I wrote to the judge, I never got an answer. Can you get my money? W.W., Evart. You've got a check for $24. Defense lawyer paid you out of his own pocket. Since you weren't subpoenaed as a witness, came voluntarily to help your buddy, the defendant, you aren't entitled to the $12 a day, 10 cents a mile fee state courts pay witnesses. Lawyer said he'd put off paying you because ungrateful ungrateful client hasn't paid him even though lawyer got him off the hook. HOW YOU VOTED YES, 75.4 percent. COMMENTS: "Why should a woman be more educated for the job" . . . "Equal jobs, equal qualifications" qualifications" . . . "You don't need a degree to put your life in jeopardy" . . . "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" ... "A policewoman's job is as difficult as that of a cop on the beat." NO, 24.6 percent. COMMENTS: "You don't need a college degree to be shot" . . . "Women shouldn't be allowed on the police force" ... "What they lack in brawn they should make up in brain power" . . . "There's a cop shortage as it is" . . . "Put the women in scout cars." TOMORROW'S QUESTION Should the U.S. go ahead with its plan for an underground atomic bomb test on Amchitka Island in Alaska this Saturday? To Vote YES To Vote NO Call 961-3211 961-3211 961-3211 Call 961-4422 961-4422 961-4422 Two weeks ago our 65-pound 65-pound 65-pound Alaskan Malamute Na Nook tangled with a skunk. You know the rest. Help! L. S. Taylor. You can invite Na Nook back in the house after a scrub-down scrub-down scrub-down with a half-and-half half-and-half half-and-half half-and-half half-and-half mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice. Detroit Zoo Curator of Mammals says method's guaranteed. Rub it into her thick fur, then shampoo shampoo her a couple more times with soap and water. Curator says same will work for you if you get skunky yourself during the juice bath. Na Nook has a built in defense mechanism against smelly playmates like skunks. Malamutes' tails curl up over their backs while they're up, but when they sleep, Alaskan dogs curl up so THE QUESTION Policewomen must have a college degree or its equivalent to be hired on the force. Their male counterparts need only a high school diploma. Should requirements be identical for both? How BY WILLIAM GRANT FrM Press Education Wrlttr In April, 1970, the four-man four-man four-man majority of the Detroit Board of Education approved a plan of forced high school integration designed to improve the racial balance at 11 of the city's 22 high schools. The Michigan Legislature blocked that plan and Detroit voters removed from office the four board members who approved it. Then U.S. District Judge Stephen J. Roth ordered the new school board to set up a voluntary integration plan. A plan was drawn up and put into effect. But the school board's own figures show not Pontiac Asks Aid In Busing School Chiefs Sound Warning BY SAUL FRIEDMAN Free Press Washington Staff WASHINGTON Pontiac school officials pleaded Thursday Thursday for less politics and more federal help so they could successfully successfully comply with court-ordered court-ordered court-ordered school busing and desegregation. desegregation. They warned that unless northern school districts like Pontiac received more money, were guided by a clear national policy and perhaps enlarged their boundaries to prevent whites from fleeing, school desegregation desegregation will result in re-segregation. re-segregation. re-segregation. The warning and the pleas came from Pontiac School Superintendent Superintendent Dana Whitnier and School Board President John K. Irwin Jr., both of whom said they were speaking only for themselves. They argued one side of the school busing issue in Pontiac before a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunity. And on the other side was the anti-busing, anti-busing, anti-busing, National Action Action Group led by Mrs. Irene McCabe, who said: "We do not believe that equal educational opportunity results by forcing children to be bused great distances from their homes and dropped into sociological mixing bowls . . ." Before Mrs. McCabe turned up, the tempo of the hearings, which are chaired by Sen. Walter Mondale, R-Minn., R-Minn., R-Minn., was deliberately slow-paced. slow-paced. slow-paced. Originally, Originally, the hearings were to be held in Michigan, but Mondale and his staff thought that might provoke trouble. The subject of the hearings hearings was confined to Pontiac, but the room was crowded with spectators and reporters, indicating the importance of the Pontiac case to other school districts in the North. Although Michigan Sen. Philip A. Hart, a Democrat, is Please turn to Page 4A, Col. 2 House voles to delay busing busing orders pending court appeals. Page 8A. Rep. Conyers blasts fellow fellow Michigan Democrats on their anti-busing anti-busing anti-busing stand. Page 8D. Pamela lies in a Voluntary Integration Failed IT 0 xon For ECTWB'aW MMmiMMMiim rit-. rit-. rit-. i fp? VV-.-j: VV-.-j: VV-.-j: VV-.-j: VV-.-j: 1 if x . rnV55; " " "i - r Bm fl r .y :ij - J,V :- :- V. Xl L ? '-v '-v '-v ' - ' ' i''''-''''- i''''-''''- i''''-''''- i''''-''''- Free Press Photo by Chief Photoorapher TONY SPINA It's no longer on sawdust, but the cold concrete of out for his afternoon nap. There is less work now places like Cobo Hall, where a roustabout stretches than in the old days, and more time for dreaming. Circus Memories Never Die BY DOLORES KATZ Free Press Staff Writer Eddie Renaghan remembers when the Big Top was taken down for the last time on The Greatest Show on Earth. "It was 1956, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, twenty minutes after two p.m. when it went," he recalled Thursday. "They just folded it up and told us to go back to Florida (the Ring-ling Ring-ling Ring-ling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Bailey winter headquarters). s i - mysterious wide-eyed wide-eyed wide-eyed f A." -4 -4 HI AP Photo 4 twi tonftvte - - - - - only that it has failed to integrate Detroit's schools, but that it has served as a means for further segregation. In fact, the voluntary Integration effort has been such a failure that cynical school officials officials have been referring to it for several weeks as the "voluntary segregation" plan. The plan had been developed by board member Patrick McDonald as an alternative .Rio Retroactive Raises "id S I 4 I if JT "It's good and the pay is better now. But it's not the life." "Some of the guys never made it back. They just dropped off the train along the way. "Shaky, Sleepy, Russell, Pappy Miller and me, that's J ,b coma to the forced integration plan favored by a majority of the board. McDonald argued before Roth that Detroit schools would be more integrated if students were allowed to make voluntary transfers rather than being forced to switch schools. Roth agreed. HOWEVER, THE BOARD'S figures on the first semester's enrollment under the plan shows that only one of those 11 high schools, Henry Ford High School, is better integrated this year than it would have been under the April, 1970, forced integration plan. In fact, eight of the 11 schools are substantially substantially more segregated. 45"' s ' -' -' ' 'sv v " a what's left of the old Big Top gang." The Greatest Show on Earth still goes on. It's here in Detroit Detroit this week with the same acts, razzle-dazzle, razzle-dazzle, razzle-dazzle, noise and Girl Hovers In World of Living Death POTTSTOWN, Pa. - (AP) "Mommy, I'm thirsty," were the last words 7-year-old 7-year-old 7-year-old 7-year-old 7-year-old Pamela Chaplin uttered before she fell into a coma in July. Doctors said at the time that she probably would not live through the night. She did, and now the physicians can't say whether she'll ever recover from what is believed to be encephalitis. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chaplin, Chaplin, say they are seeking the aid of a neurologist neurologist to see if an operation could bring an improvement. WITH HER LONG BLOND hair pulled into two big ponytails, Pamela lies unmoving in bed. Her blue eyes, open wide, follow her father and mother around the room. She doesn't look unconscious. "We don't know what she sees," says her father. "It's hard to believe she isn't here." Before she became ill troubled by severe headaches Pamela, a diabetic, loved to run, swim and ride her bike. The family doctor thought the new illness Please turn to Page SA, Col. 1 ionise color that made it famous in the first place. BUT FOR Eddie and the other roustabouts who saw the big tent go up and down a thousand times it's never been the same. "It was a sad day for every-b every-b every-b o d y, when the tent went down," said Sleepy, whose real name is Jesse Blanchard, but who looks like his nickname. nickname. "The kids used to enjoy it, under the Big Top; the saw-d saw-d saw-d u s t and everything. Too many regulations, now." It was more work then for the roustabouts, but they liked it that way. Now most of them spend their time sitting around the area where the animals Please turn to Page 4A, Col. 1 Iwiin-a Iwiin-a Iwiin-a riTiilii.ni..illiiiiiMiH'nrrrwliMimii Amusements 9-1 9-1 9-1 IB Ann Landers 5C Astrology 7D Billy Graham 10D Bridge 7D Business News . 4-8B 4-8B 4-8B Comics 7-9D 7-9D 7-9D Crossword Puzzle 7D Death Notices 7C Earl Wilson ISA Editorials 6A Feature Page 13A Movie Guide 8-9D 8-9D 8-9D Names and Faces 10D Obituaries 7C Opinion 7A Sports 1-6D 1-6D 1-6D Stock Markets 5-8B 5-8B 5-8B Television 6C Want Ads 7-11C 7-11C 7-11C Weekend Calendar SB Women's Pages 1-5C 1-5C 1-5C HAVE THE FREE PRESS DELIVERED AT HOME PHONE 222-6500 222-6500 222-6500 Or Your Local Free Press Number It appears that the voluntary integration plan has contributed to making the city's schools more segregated than at any time since 1967. That year the school board, controlled by '.; the same pro-integration pro-integration pro-integration members as in 1970, changed the school system's open en-rollment en-rollment en-rollment policy. The change was designed, to keep white students from using the policy ' to escape black schools. The change provided that a student could transfer from one school to a vacant space in another only if the transfer served to ' increase integration. However, the voluntary Please turn to Page 2A, Col. 1 "rnv nan Leave It To Board, He Urges From AP and UPI WASHINGTON - President Nixon denounced Thursday an effort by the House Banking Committee to give a green light to the payment of retroactive retroactive pay increases negotiated negotiated for union labor before the current wage-price wage-price wage-price freeze. In a statement, Mr. Nixon said an amendment adopted earlier in the day by the committee committee "would provide for special special treatment to one segment of the American economy" and would "seriously jeopardize" jeopardize" the administration's entire entire program for countering inflation through the post-freeze post-freeze post-freeze machinery of a Pay Board and Price Commission. The committee-adopted committee-adopted committee-adopted provision would require payment payment of all but "grossly disproportionate" disproportionate" pay raises negotiated negotiated before Aug 15. MR. NltfON SAID: "It is not my intention to prejudge how these particular issues should be decided." However, he argued, decisions should be made by the Pay Board and Price Commission and that this and other committee-adopted committee-adopted committee-adopted amendments "would provide for a piece meal approach" approach" to stabilizing wages and prices. Donald Rumsfeld, executive director of the Cost of Living Council, said the retroactive pay amendment would "directly "directly undermine the concept of a participatory" approach in which representatives of Please turn to Page 2A, Col. 5 Many leading banks, including including five in Detroit, cut prime rate. Page 4B. High Court Asked to Halt Blast WASHINGTON - (UPI) -Conservation -Conservation groups, i n an llth-hoor llth-hoor llth-hoor attempt to block the Ibig underground nuclear blast set for Alaska, told the Supreme Supreme Court Thursday the weapons test's effect on the environment "may be among the most significant in all man's history." Opponents of Saturday's 1 scheduled blast asked Chief Justice Warren E. Burger to block the Cannikin experiment to be held deep under Amchitka Amchitka Island until a lower court's order refusing to bar it can be appealed. - j A spokesman for the court said a decision probably would come Friday. The opponents went to the i Supreme Court as the White House acknowledged that ft . had received "some calls and some letters" protesting the explosion, but it refused to say how many. Two Canadians did present a , petition to a White House aide j bearing the names of 177,000 of j their fellow countrymen who J oppose the shot 1,200 miles west of the Alaskan mainland. On Capitol Hill, Senate Democratic Democratic leader Mike Mansfield i Please turn to Page 12A, Col. I i

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