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Michniak - makes lowest prices ... these Larg FLANNEL . ....
makes lowest prices ... these Larg FLANNEL . . . . . . liners' wives post escuers For 87 Free Frrsi Wire Serrtee SPRINGHILL, N.S A tear ful official said Friday that all hope is grone for 87 men trapped in the crumbled depths a coal mine. Rescue teams fought deadly gas, rock and debris to bring out six bodies from the mine, shattered Thursday night by a tremendous underground up heaval. Eighty -one -one men staggered safety, 17 of them injured. "There is practically no hope, but rescue operations will continue until the last man is accounted for," said Harold Gordon, an official of the firm which operates North America's deepest coal mine. In a nearby miners' lamp- lamp- house, wives and children waited anxiously for a miraculous rescue. For many, it was a second agonizing wait. Two years ago, Cumberland No. 4 Everyone can equal our price. OPEN 9 to 9 you savei SUN 11 to 1 S3 8S R DISCOUNTERS fz J WOOL SUITS WOVEN IMPORT TWEED TOPGOATS i m mi Retail $55 and $65 styling in every line ... tailoring in every detail. New. colors and patterns in fine 100 pure wools . . . rich new tweeds from the foremost makers fine topcoats. Sixes for ell. .. $00" 2 PANTS and one pants Many Imported Fabrics $90 and $100 SUITS and TOPCOATS For the man who demands the finest . . . here's finer tailoring . . . deluxe fabrics and choice patterns t discount savings. $5P grim, night-long night-long night-long watch at See Little Hope Trapped Miners next to No. 2 where the men are trapped was rocked by an explosion that killed 39. Some of the men trapped this time survived the one in 1956. COMING WITH a sudden, explosive force that shook all of Springhill, the upheaval sent tons of rock, coal and earth crashing around 172 night shift workers Thursday night. Gordon, chief of the collle'ry operations of the Dominion Steel & Coal Cprp., brought the word of the lost hope hours after teams of rescue men entered the mine. Gordon said the two lowest levels of the mine were shattered. Floors heaved upward, upward, jamming machinery and conveyers against the roof. Miners coming to the surface surface said gas was so bad there Turn to Page 2, Column 2 that even men with respirators could not penetrate it. Gordon said the only reason hope still was held for men at the third level 13,000 feet from the pithead was that they have not been located. About 36 men were working at this level, 400 and 800 feet above the others. A company spokesman said FATHER IS TRAPPED Mine Tragedy Hits Detroit Area Family Two Detroit area families Friday shared the tragedy of the Nova Scotia mine disaster. Papal Vote To Begin Tonight Continued from Page One outnumbered 2-to-l. 2-to-l. 2-to-l. 2-to-l. 2-to-l. In 1939 they outnumbered the non-Italians non-Italians non-Italians 32-to-27. 32-to-27. 32-to-27. 32-to-27. 32-to-27. The dwindling importance of the Italian cardinals cardinals in the conclave makes the election of a non-Italian non-Italian non-Italian Pope a possibility, though not a probability. If a non-Italian non-Italian non-Italian Pope Is elected, most people believe the choice will fall on Gregoire Tierre 15th Cardinal Agagianian, Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenians. lie is a Russian by birth. From Sunday on, two votes will be taken every morning and two every afternoon until one cardinal obtains the required required two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds plus one of the votes. AMONG THE new Pope's first decisions will be his choice of a name. What name will he choose? It could be Pius. Most popes choose the name of a predecessors predecessors with whom they feel affinity. affinity. It also could be Benedict, Clement, Gregory or Leo other names used by popes sine 1724. The triple crown of Popes was polished and shined Friday by a Roman jeweler for the man who will succeed Pius XII. The crown weight three pounds and is valued at $12,000. i pithead in Springhill six mine supervisors were trapped with the men. THE MINE slants 4,400 feet down into the ground, for a distance of 14,300 feet. Sometimes Sometimes the slant is as steep as 45 degrees. Gordon said underground upheavals called bumps by miners occur when pressures pressures above and below the mine shafts build up, then let go- go- They are common in this soft-coal soft-coal soft-coal mining area, but usually usually cause only minor rock and coal falls. AT THE first sound of the rumbling that accomp a n i e d Thursday night's disaster, the miners' families feared the worst. Mothers, fathers, children children and other relatives of the miners flocked to the pithead for what turned out for & ome to be an all-night all-night all-night vigil. Mayor Ralph Gilroy, who said earlier the disaster may mean the end of Springhill mining, vowed later: "There always will be a Springhill." "Miners of Springhill are a very peculiar breed," he added. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mich- Mich- niak, 8430 Birch, Taylor Center, Center, finally abandoned hope late in the day for Michniak's father, Theodore, 57. He was one of 87 men trapped in the mine. THE SECOND family, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Husar, 17179 Flora, Melvindale, felt relief mixed with grief. The relief came with the news Friday morning that Mrs. Husar's father, George Hayden, 58, was rescued early Fridaj'. Hayden was hospitalized with a broken ankle and back injuries. "But thank goodness he's alive," Mrs. Gloria Husar, 30, said. Two other relatives, Husar's father, Steven; and Mrs. Husar's brother, Glen, 23, both of whom work in the mines, escaped the disaster. But the Husars' joy was marred by the Michniaks' grief. The two families are very close. MICHMAK persu a d e d Husar to come to Detroit two years ago after a similar disaster disaster in the Springhill mine where Husar worked. Both men work at the International International Salt Co. "We're very thankful we listened to him," aid Mrs. Husar. She and her husband have three children. Mrs. Michniak, who has one son, recalled Friday how often she and her husband had tried to persuade his father to leave Springhill. "He wouldn't listen," she said. "He loved the hunting and fishing up there too much. "He wouldn't worry about what might happen. I think he felt that when his time would come, he would have to go." 1 Friday ence state fight said dent, . the-more-the-merrier, the-more-the-merrier, that told President Rockefeller in rift of than In of races, the Democrats over his Democratic Prox-mire, Republican Cy-priot one seven land ... .. X

Clipped from
  1. Detroit Free Press,
  2. 25 Oct 1958, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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