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Receiving the awards for outstanding contributions in the fields of education, religion, religion, government, human relations, music, business, labor, journalism, art and designing designing were: 0 Mrs. Beulah Brewer, widow of Dr. James Brewer and the first Negro woman to serve as school principal in Detroit ( Pattengill ) . a position shs holds currently. Mrs. Brewer received her master's degree in educational educational psychology at Wayne State University and is working toward her doctorate. doctorate. She has won many educational educational awards. Mrs. Edra Mae Hilliard, wife of Bishop W. O. Hilliard, is a general missionary officer officer of the A.M.E. Zion Church serving an West Africa. She and her husband spend part of each year in West Africa where a school dormitory dormitory has been named in Mrs. Hilliard's honor. Mrs. Millard has edited oeveral books on Christian education of children. She was named 1963 woman woman of the year by the Central Methodist Episcopal Church. 0 Mrs. Lillian (John) Hatcher, an international representative of the citizenship-legislative citizenship-legislative citizenship-legislative citizenship-legislative department of thi UAW, has represented organized labor for 19 years. Watts (who helped arrange the awards dinner), Agne Bristol, Violet Lewis (merit citation), Mary Mylar, (merit citation), Lillian Hatcher and Lemmie Blake- Blake- For 12 years she has been on the staff of the Fair Practices Practices Department at the UAW, her duty being to implement implement the union's program against discrimination and bigotry. Mrs. Hatcher was a delegate delegate to the Constitutional Convention. She is vice chairman chairman of the 13th Congressional District Democratic Organization Organization and . chairman of the Women's, Committee on the Detroit Council for Human Rights. 0 Mrs. Gladys (James) Johnson Johnson is winner of the journalism journalism award. She has been on the Michigan Chronicle for 20 years - and also edits a publication for the Michigan Employment Security Commission. Commission. She formerly worked on the Washington staff of Congressman Charles C. Diggs, Jr. 0 Mrs. Esther Randall LaMarr. LaMarr. executive secretary of the Detroit Commission on Children and Youth, is the W first woman appointed to serve in a government post on the Mayor's executive staff. A sociology major at the University of Michigan, she holds a master's degree and is a graduate of the University University of Detroit School of Law. She Is a former probation officer and field work supervisor supervisor for Wayne County Juvenile Juvenile Court. She is a member of the Wayne County Mental Hea-lth Hea-lth Hea-lth Society and is on the board of management for the YWCA. Mrs. Rosa Parks, formerly of Montgomery; Ala., received an award "for her determined stand on civil rights .... for her great contribution toward achieving first class citizenry for the Negro throug.i court litigation against the Montgomery Montgomery City Lines Bus Co. and winning an unamimous decision in the United States Supreme Court." Before Mrs. Parks had more (for Esther LaMarr). Award winners not pictured pictured were Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mrs. Ruth McNiel and Bernardine Andrews. omen Honored pioved to Detroit with her husband, Raymond, she had been "humiliated, arrested, finger-printed, finger-printed, finger-printed, jailed and fined for refusing to give her seat on a bus to a white gentleman." Mrs. Celeste Cole's citation was for "her excellent performance performance in the world of music." Mrs. Cole, a member of the music faculty at Wayne State University, is director of the Celeste Colo Workshop (opera). She is a member of the National National Opera Association, the National Association of Teachers of Singing. She also serves on the Mayor's Committee Committee of the Detroit Grand Opera Association. Mrs. Agnes Bristol, widow of Vollington A. Bristol, was honored "for her determined effort to give women a place in the business world." Mrs. Bristol is vice president president of the Great Lakes Mu tual Insurance Co. and owner of the Bristol Funeral Home. She is a director of the Federal Savings and Loan Association, a member of the Patrons of Arts, the NAACP and ;the YWCA. She attended Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. 9 Mrs. Ruth McNiel, wife of Dr. Howard McNiel, won a. citation "for her contribution contribution to the beauty of life." An artist, she teaches as a hobby and exhibits her own paintings paintings in her Bloomfield Hills home. 0 Bernadine Andrews, dress designer, won an award "for her talent for making wcTien beautiful." She designs in her home on Maxwell St. Miss Andrews studied at the New York Institute of Designing in New York. Her creations were modeled during Thursday's Thursday's award program. Helen Tyler Wilson was general chairman of the program program and Mrs. Council Irwin, co-chairman. co-chairman. co-chairman.

Clipped from
  1. Detroit Free Press,
  2. 29 Jun 1963, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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